Rehab – a familiar journey

Friday was a tough day. A right bastard of a day!

I’ve spent two years trying to build my knee and its surroundings back up. Sadly for me I’ve not been doing that great at it so I decided to do something about it. Two years have went to waste.

I booked myself into a medical clinic, one that was going to point me in the right direction and help me out. I needed someone who was going to tell me right from wrong but more importantly to tell and show me how to better myself. How to recover.

My physios great, I walked in the room broken, no confidence and no hope. I longed for a future of walking properly or maybe even breaking into a run. Was it too early to dream of making a comeback on the green carpet? 

For two years I’ve been on the throne which sits atop the scrap heap, walking is difficult, cycling is a nuisance and running isn’t an option. My legs at times don’t function, something blocks them from connecting with my brain, which in turn forces them to stop doing things. Not great if I’m being totally honest with you.

He gave me a few tips, some pointers on how to activate my brain, something which can be very hard at times. There are many who would vouch for me. We done some light exercises, he had a rummage about the old knee and off I went. I walked out there like a new man, confidence instilled.

I spent a good 10 minutes dodging people in central, literally dropping the shoulder and moving past them. Friday morning I wouldn’t have done that, I would’ve been one of they awkward folk you see who stop dead in front of you, not entertaining your invitation to two step round each other. I couldn’t help it, my brain and leg wouldn’t let me go left. It was odd and an ongoing problem for about a year. A few littles words and movements opened up that door of uncertainty. 

Now I’ll drop the shoulder and get past you, my heads up again. I’m not walking round with my head counting the stones on the pavement. I will see you and the chances are I’ll be past you before you know I’m there. Now I’m not going to do this everytime – every now and then my brain will decide against what I want it to do. That’s fine but in time the goal is to make that movement to the left automatic again. No thought needed. 

I spent yesterday in the hydro pool. Fuck that’s a bloody shift. Pyramid exercises, you ever heard of them? No! Me neither. I’ll tell you right now I might just be an expert after yesterday – work up to 80% then back down. Half way through my legs were screaming, cramping up at the thought of moving another inch. If it wwasnt for the floatation belt I was going under. 

No problem, the phys sorted that right out, a few cycling motions a few stretches and I was back at it. Confident again, feeling encouraged and hanging onto his every word (and the edge of the pool).

Afterwords I felt a million dollars, cloud 9 the works. As the afternoon went on I felt horrendous. My body wasn’t used to being battered, it wasn’t used to working. For two years it done nothing, now it’s on the go again. It’s going to be tough but I know it will be worth it in the long run. 
A few words from my physio helped me get back on the right path. Now it’s up to me not to be daft, I need to listen to him. I’m 28 years old and I have the body of a war veteran. I was stupid, I played through injuries – pretended most wernt even there. It was great at the time but look at me now. Can hardly walk, can’t run. Not the athlete I used to be – not even a shadow of him. 


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