A New Adventure 

I suppose some people might have expected this a month ago but it wasn’t something I was prepared to dive into with two feet. I had to think about it. Reality hit home last night.

Words are never something I have too much difficulty in finding. Last night I was challenged and failed to come up trumps. They had abandoned me.
The challenge would provoke my thoughts, as per a million bouncing around at a time, ricocheting off each other only to scurry off in the opposite direction. Composure was needed, it was found. However the words that usually flow off my tongue were found wanting. Playing hide and seek.

It’s an unusual feeling but one I had to accept and deal with. It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone, especially someone who you are very close to.

Why was I feeling this way? It was the last time I would see my good friend on the pitch, no more cake and coffee before training – catching up on life. Changing the world in our own minds. Iain & CJ will have to settle for my mad ways – not that they haven’t already.

There she was – surrounded by a squad of 13-15 years olds, waiting for the first word to be spoken. Looking on intensely to see what their former head of youth had to say or was going to say. Amy could have stood and said nothing, that would have been enough for the amount of time and brain power she has dedicated to this club and the footballers and people within it. The round of applause showed appreciation on another level.

Blood, sweat, tears, phonecalls, dedication, compassion, passion, knowledge and time.

All of the above has been poured into this club over the years. In my eyes it’s been an adventure for everyone involved, one I’m sad to see end.
I echo the words of players and parents throughout by saying all the best on what ever journey you go on. All the best in your new adventure, wherever that may be.

When I first spoke to Amy about coming back to City I thought it was a wind up, I was up for taking some more time out of the game and relaxing, pondering what would come next. After some thought I was in, in to work with my old mucker again and with these fantastic people/players at the club. 

One part of that is now gone and we have to move on. It may sound harsh but that is the reality, we stick together and work as much and as hard as we possibly can to give these girls the best chance possible. We give them the tools and platform to perform to their best – we encourage, we push/challenge them as well as provide support to them on their own journeys in life not just the game.


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