Light Nights, Worldies and Fisty Cuffs

What a night it is outside, the smell of the fresh cut grass – hayfever is about to take and absolute battering! Jumpers at the ready – goalposts, not your good jumpers though or you’d get a kicking. 

If you were lucky there has just been something on at Hampden or the road works have left behind a couple of cones. We’ll have 4 please – easily makes two sets of goals.

Got to chat with your mates, all blue tonight lads don’t anybody be a smart arse and wear white or any other colour. Down the field by 6. Who cares about homework that can be done on the walk to school, we can all chip in and help.

Who’s not making it? What do you mean they’re not making it? Grounded?! For what, ah okay fair enough. 

10-21ers, two 45s or play until the street lights go out. Take your pick, you knew you wouldn’t get the shout from your mum, tea time has been. The pre match meal of toast and whatever else you can grab has been.

You’ve won, some worldies, some good football and the bragging rights of the street until the rematch tomorrow night. Not to mention some crunching tackles, these games wernt for the faint hearted. Sly kicks, elbows, fights who cares we all wanted to win and win we had! Happy days man!

Those where the days, not a care in the world unless it was about beating the older kids on the field. We had the bragging rights, the field was ours and we would do anything to keep it that way. 

It kills me that you don’t see that these days, those days are long gone. Victims of the ever so popular growth of technology. 

The memories, the laughs, the goals and yes the fights. Great times with great people.